LEVUCELL®SC stimulates Fiber colonisation by cellulolytic bacteria and Fungi

In sacco trials show  a positive effect of LEVUCELL®SC on NDF degradability of more than 120 different forages.

LEVUCELL®SC achieved similar results with meadow grass hay, alfalfa hay, raye grass pasture, wheat silage and a wide range of corn silages.

After submission of an extensive research dossier with innovative data on LEVUCELL®SC, the Center for Veterinary Medicine of the FDA have agreed to allow an important functionality claim “to aid in maintaining cellulolytic bacteria population in the rumen of animals fed greater than 50% concentrate”.

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1: Guedes et al, 2008 2: Guedes et al, 2010

LEVUCELL®SC improves NDF total tract digestibility for both dairy and beef cattle

Total digestibility of NDF on beef TMR (%)



 Total digestibility of NDF on dairy TMR (%)

Diet: Corn silage 43.9%, Stem flaked corn 14.4%, Pelleted citrus pulp 16.9%, Soya Bean Meal 21.7%, Hay 2%. *p
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