Lallemand Animal Nutrition

On April 4th, over 70 animal feed and nutrition specialists from 16 European countries gathered in Vienna for a “Dairy Technical Seminar”.

This event, which took place in Lallemand’s yeast p

lant facility, innovated with a balanced mix of high quality scientific lectures from world experts of dairy nutrition and practical workshops. Attendees enjoyed the workshops with set

of practical tools to evaluate digestion efficiency on-farm (microscop view of microbes, digestive tract observations..) . They also attended to  experts’ presentations about the digestive microflora of dairy cows, the way it is affected by stress situations (parturition, heat stress…) and the potential of Lalllemand microbial solutions (live yeast LEVUCELL® SC, new antioxidants program) to  optimize dairy production.

So was the opportunity to follow the birth of LEVUCELL® SC inside a yeast plant, and, last but not least, the beer tasting that closed the day, offering a great occasion to experience the benefits and specificity of yeast!

Aurélien Piron

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